The Motherload – March 3rd, 2009


This was the ultimate potty training gift. Thomas has really been interested in firetrucks lately, so when Kei saw this Playmobil version at the store, he thought it may motivate Thomas to use the potty. And boy, did he draw it out. Every time Thomas was successful he earned one part of the Firetruck – one fireman and then the other, the hose, the ladder, even the box and instructions. I think it eventually got to the point where Kei wanted him to earn the firetruck more than Thomas did. Apparently it is also a good vehicle for the Wiggles. You know how much they like anything that is big and red.

And, for the record, it a pretty cool toy. You can fill the hose with water and spray it everywhere (yes, everywhere). The only downside is that Playmobil toys, as cool as they are, have a LOT of very small pieces. Small pieces that are attractive to a nine month old with an oral fixation.

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