Around Here… in iPhone Photos

A quick look back at events over the last week or so. I’ve been using my iPhone a little more lately, mostly out of convenience. While I continue to prefer the images I’m I take with my big camera, every now and then  I’m surprised by what I can capture on my phone.

Last weekend – The boys and I took a (slightly wet) ride in the Portland Parkways – an event where bikes take over the streets for a few hours. Local vendors set up booths at each park and hand out freebies. Franz gave away mini loaves of white bread for the kids. My kids never eat white bread but now declare that they REALLY REALLY like it.

Thomas mastered the stilts during on park stop.

And we watched some Shakespeare in the rain.

Last week was all about Japanese camp and swimming lessons – and lots of running around.

They look how I felt by the end of the week.

This past weekend brought a mini heatwave (one that continues). We kept cool by joining forces with the neighbor kids in a backyard water fight. Next time we plan to use real water balloons instead of regular balloons (ouch!).

This week is hot and busy while I juggle work, camp, swimming lessons and children. Think I’d better go buy some popsicles. I think I’m going to need them (and perhaps something ‘spiked’) to get me through to the 4th.

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