100 Years Young

Our neighborhood park celebrated it’s 100th anniversary last night with a 12 hour party. We headed over at about 6pm to eat (bad hotdogs), drink (just a little) and be merry.

I took this first photo at about 6pm. By the time we left at 9, the park was a lot more crowded.

The first thing we did was to join our friends while we ate dinner and listened to some fantastic big band music.

After the kids enjoyed a free ice cream, I took a group of them over to the bouncy house – so we could wait in line for 30 minutes before their five minute bounce.

While I waited in line, the boys wrestled…

…the girls danced…

…and ran around…

…or just waited quietly and watched others enjoy their bounce.

FINALLY the bouncing began.

And then ended just as quickly. The kids seemed satisfied but I felt a little short-changed, even if it was free.

But at least that meant we didn’t miss out on seeing my first ever real-life maypole. I’m not sure I fully understand the concept of the maypole, but it sure looked pretty.

On our walk back to the other adults, we bumped into a crocodile wearing swim trunks (as you do).

We also dodged a few jugglers.

We arrived back at our picnic spot to discover that the music had turned from big band to funk… and that’s when the dancing started.

I wish I had this guy’s moves.

My boys asked me to dance and it was so much fun! Thomas gave up after one song but Samuel and I got our groove on for quite some time until the lure of the iphone became louder than the music. In fairness, they were both pretty exhausted and a little wind down time was needed.

We headed home at about 9pm as the sun started to disappear. We didn’t have the stamina to stay for late night movie.

Good thing too, because I could still hear it playing when my head hit the pillow at 11pm. Such a fun way to spend a warm summer evening and a fitting way to celebrate 100 years.

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