Monday’s Photo – Demonstrating How Capes SHOULD be Worn

A little bleary eyed this morning after staying up to watch the Oscars last night. It broadcasts pretty early here on the West Coast but, due to some live video pausing so I could eat dinner and deal with bedtime, I was up a little later than expected.

Note to self: Next time don’t browse Facebook and Twitter while you’re watching a delayed show. It gives away the ending (duh!).

I felt a little more prepared for the Oscars than expected this year thanks to a last-minute double feature viewing of The Help and Moneyball on Saturday night. Sure, Kei and I were useless with the kids in the morning, but at least we managed to sneak in a couple of best picture nominees before the big night. Still haven’t seen the winner but I’m adding it to my Netflix queue.

I actually thoroughly enjoyed this year’s academy awards and even watched some of it with Thomas and Samuel who were equally impressed.


  • The fact that Billy Crystal laughs at his own jokes and doesn’t try to be too hip/clever.
  • His opening video and song – funny and clever. I’m sure Thomas had no idea what most of the references were but he was rolling on the floor with laughter anyway.
  • Cirque Du Soleil – a highlight for the boys.
  • That Bret (“Brit”) McKenzie won for the Muppet song. Bonus points for a Miss Piggy and Kermit appearance (kids liked that too)
  • Octavia Spencer’s win. Love her.
  • Will Farrell and Zac Galafanakis – Hilarious.
  • The Bridesmaids cast presenting three awards, particularly the Martin Scorsese drinking game.


Of course I don’t have any photos of the actual Oscars, so you’ll have to make do with a couple of a much more fashionable ways to wear a cape. In my opinion, they should be reserved for magicians and superheroes.



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