Weekend Adventures and Random Photos

I’m not sure how we managed to have such an insanely busy weekend. It seems that our kids have an incredibly active social life. Here’s a quick rundown and, because I barely picked up my camera at all over the weekend, I’ll intersperse the text with a few completely random photos just because they make me smile.


  • Kei went out for a drink with a friend.
  • I put the kids to bed and stayed up a lot later than I should have after getting sucked into watching a 20/20 special about Whitney Houston.


  • Swimming lesson for Thomas and family swim for the rest of us in the morning.
  • After lunch saw a quick nap for Samuel before Kei took the boys to the Ice Hockey. While they were there, one of the boys dropped his $4 snow cone. While Kei tried to rescue it he managed to knock over his $9 beer. Tragedy all round.
  • I stayed home and tried to clean up part of the house, managing to lose Thomas’ Lego Blue Ninja in the process. We heard about it for the rest of the weekend (it’s still missing).
  • Immediately after the boys returned from the Hockey, we packed them into the car again so they could hang out at Samuel’s school for a few hours for “Parents’ Night Out.”
  • Kei and I had dinner at Simpatica. Very tasty, although not as good as other times we’ve been there. I’m sure my experience was a little dampened by the 70 year old guy sitting next to us who said he was scared by the set menu and then who refused to eat “the green stuff” (Kale). I’m sure there’s a Portlandia episode in there somewhere.
  • Picked up the kids at around 10:30. Samuel was so tired that he practically begged to go to bed.


  • Kids and I got out of bed at 6:30am (why won’t they sleep in?).
  • Kei took them bowling with some neighborhood friends for a couple of hours while I did exciting things like Laundry! and Grocery Shopping!
  • Boys came home for lunch and then Thomas played video games while Samuel took a nap.
  • Kei took Thomas to a play date and hit some golf balls while waiting to pick him up.
  • Samuel woke up and seemed a little under the weather so we sat on the couch and watch Babe together – LOVE that movie, although it did require a lot of explanation for a three year old.
  •  Home, dinner, folding laundry late into the night.

Monday (Presidents’ Day)

  • Thomas’s school was closed and Samuel woke up asking for a sick bucket (which he used), so I had both kids at home. Thankfully Kei was able to take a sick day to look after Samuel so I was able to get some work done.
  • Spent the day inside to recover from the weekend while it poured rain outside. Kids played with Lego and superheroes and watched Babe again.
  • Samuel took a too-long nap which kept him up until 10pm.
  • I went to the gym for a class, where I may have come close to passing out a couple of times.
  • Let my heavy eyelids close just after Samuel went to bed at 10pm.

Summary: Busy (long) weekend. Actually grateful to be back at work today. Bring it!

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