Today’s Photo of My All Grown Up Boy

I had the chance to spend some extra time with Thomas this weekend and was reminded of just how much I love this kid. Right now, Thomas:

  • Is smart, curious and always learning new things.
  • When choosing prizes at the arcade at one of the birthday parties, asked specifically for the Humpback whale and the Orca from the bowl of plastic fish – and then had to teach the guy behind the counter which was which.
  • Has a girlfriend – not a friend who is a girl, a girlfriend. Her name is Sabrina and apparently it’s the real thing because he drew a picture of her on the first page of his “weather book” right next to the pictures of him and Samuel wearing capes.
  • Is now counting his girlfriends. Sabrina is his second – “Remember Elizabeth Mum? She was my first girlfriend.”
  • Is six (often have to remind myself of that).
  • Still has all of his baby teeth but we just discovered a “shark tooth” growing up behind his bottom front teeth. I don’t know whether to take him to the dentist or let nature take its course.
  • Spent most of the weekend playing Lego and superheroes with his brother, with just a couple of small breaks to attend birthday parties. Samuel spent Monday telling his teacher how much he loved playing with Thomas on the weekend.
  • Told me he would like to spend our special Mummy/Thomas day on Friday playing Lego. (hmmm)

Did I mention how much I love this kid?

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