Happy Trails for Some – Back to Reality for Others

Sadly, I was not the one boarding a flight for Hawaii. Back for my first full day of work for 2012 and fully into the swing of things.

Trying hard not to feel too resentful of the three people I dropped at the airport earlier this week who are now likely soaking up the sunshine and sipping Mai Tais (well, the two who are of age anyway).

I will be heading down south for a little unexpected sunshine early next week – but it’s for a work trip so I’ll be catching glimpses through any window I can find while the sounds of poker machines play in the background.

I feel as though I haven’t had much time to reflect on 2011 and even look forward to 2012, so I think I’ll need to set aside a little time for that over the next few days. It would be a sad day indeed if I were to I plunge into a new year without a favorite photo of the year post – or maybe two. I’m working on it.

In the meantime, it’s back to reality and vicariously living my dream of a Mai Tai on the beach.