Today’s Photo of Help on The Way

I’m trying to get back into the groove of the office after being away for so what felt like forever – first on vacation and then back-to-back trips to Las Vegas and Seattle. I’ll be spending the day trying to dig out from under my massive to-do list.

Our weekend was quiet, but productive. I spent most of it catching up on laundry while the boys played well together (for the most part). Samuel spent most of the weekend as Wonder Woman, complete with home made tiara and magic bracelets. Thomas built cities out of Lego and blocks. It rained a lot and we barely left the house. Thankfully, our friends dragged us out of hibernation late yesterday afternoon with a football/Karaoke get together (football for the boys and karaoke for the girls). I feel like I’ve been out of touch with everyone for weeks and I’ll be grateful to start getting back into some degree of normalcy.

Before I head off to tackle my pile of work, I’ll share a couple of quick photos that I took during the drive home from Seattle last week. If only they made snow plows that would help dig through to-do lists…