Five Things Friday: The Christmas Gift Roundup

Here are some of my favorite gifts that appeared under the tree this year. Some were for me, some for the kids and a couple I probably chose and/or purchased myself – which is probably why I love them so much.

I’m choosing to leave one item off the list and that’s the book that I was so proud to purchase for my husband only to find out he bought the exact same book (signed copy) for me six years ago. What can I say? I’ve had two children since then and apparently the memories of this book (that I even READ) were lost in my fried Mummy brain.

1. My BRAND NEW Kindle Fire 
Love love love this little piece of technology – and sure I will love it even more after I try it out during my first plane ride of 2012 on Monday. A little sad that I purchased the hardcover version of this book before I got my new toy because it would definitely be easier to carry on the Kindle than lugging around all 600 pages. (thanks to my wonderful husband for this surprise).

2. Stuck by Oliver Jeffers
I bought this book for the kids and it’s jumped to the top of my list of favourite children’s books. It’s also apparently perfect for six year olds because Thomas laughed out loud the entire time I was reading it. The best thing about this book is that it’s not predictable – well, not until you’ve read it 20 or 30 times.

3. Bridesmaids on Blu Ray
My favourite funny movie last year and the Blu Ray means I can have another laugh at the movie and then laugh again at the thousands of extras. Still haven’t found the time to watch the entire thing. I see a girls’ movie night in my future. (thanks Kellers!)

4. Peter Alexander Pajamas
They’re not exactly the same as these ones, but they’re black and white and just as comfy. I wish I could wear them night and day. (thanks Ben & Emma!)

5. The New York Time Magazine Photographs
Not every book should be on the Kindle and this is one of those books that need to be seen in person and full size. A wonderfully enormous collection of photographs, and the stories behind them, from the past 30 years. Hours of inspiration ahead.

So much to keep me inspired and entertained for the coming year. I’m a very lucky girl. 🙂