Today’s Photo of a Storm Brewing Over Seattle

If you’ve been following my whining on Twitter, you’ll know that I found myself stuck in Bellevue, WA (just outside Seattle) for a day longer than I anticipated. Thankfully we were able to drive home yesterday during a brief break in the snow and freezing rain. I hear that I-5 is now closed halfway between Portland and Seattle – at the same location where we stopped briefly for lunch, the power went out and a tree fell across the freeway onramp, all within the span of 20 minutes.

So, I count myself lucky that I didn’t find myself spending the weekend. As much as I love Seattle, I love my family more and I was VERY tired of looking at the walls of my hotel room while ice literally rained from the sky.

They were warning about snow when I took this photo of Seattle from the windows of our Bellevue office on Monday.

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