Five Things Friday Includes Smarter Food Labels, Fun Photo Ideas and More

Five Things Friday is a regular blog post where I share a collection of things that inspire me each week. Some weeks are focused on a particular theme, while others are a hodge podge of random stuff from around the web.

This week is completely random. Scroll to the end for the obligatory photo of the kids. Enjoy!

1. A smarter food label – great idea!

2. Love these Vector portraits of cultural icons 

3. Some really fun street art.

4. 5 fun DIY ways to use your cellphone photos


5. This interactive iPad Book that I really want to get for the kids (but secretly want for myself).

Plans for this weekend include cleaning, preparing for a camping trip, cleaning and maybe a visit to the Obon festival so I don’t feel like our entire weekend will be spent cleaning.

Also looking forward to a little more sunshine and some quality time with these crazies.

Happy Friday!

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