Just Beacuse (Best Face of May)…

Because he’s featured so rarely here on the blog and this photo was a little buried in my last bog post and, well, this was my favorite face photo of the month.

Because I think it deserved another post for the I Heart Faces best face photo.

But really, who needs a reason?

Quite possibly the most fabulously perfect day off… ever!

A couple of weeks ago I took a day off just for me. It was nothing like the disastrous waste of a couple of days when I attempted to celebrate my birthday.

No, this one was illness free, perfectly planned and executed AND the sun came out in Portland. Perfect!

And I may have taken just a few photographs to document this practically perfect day…

My morning began at Peets, my favorite coffee place. A quiet, peaceful moment of alone time with my mocha was interrupted by a crazy man who decided to sit at my table. At first he tricked me by looking normal but then he started talking to me. Something about the Olson twins and a fire in the Chrysler building that lead, naturally, to a comment on  the dilemmas of a conjoined twin (one wants to move one way and one wants to go the other – what do they do?). After feigning interest for a while I managed to politely excuse myself and headed off to…

Powells!! Where I spent one full hour browsing photography books by myself . Bliss! And I only bought one book, as tempted as I was to walk away with about 10 pieces of fresh inspiration.


Next on the agenda was cashing in a gift certificate for a spa treatment that I was given nearly a year ago. Two wonderful hours of pampering with a foot rub and hot stone massage within, quite possibly, the most relaxing place in downtown Portland. When I left, my whole body felt like Jelly – which is a good thing…

Having finished my only appointment for the day I found myself with NO PLANS. And for a photographer, that means photo walk.


And then just when I thought my day was pretty perfect just the way it was, my husband called and suggested we meet for lunch.

I took a quick self portrait while I waited for him to arrive.

And tried to find the meaning in some public art.

Then Kei turned up and, after lunch, I took one of my favorite photos of him.

After saying goodbye to Kei, I decided to take the scenic route back to the Pearl (and my car) with a walk through the park blocks.

Blue Sky!!

A quick stop for some Frozen Yogurt which may become my summer addiction (if summer ever arrives, that is).


And more blue skies… I spent a lot of time looking up and soaking it all in.

Next up was a visit to Finnegan’s to pick up some birthday presents for my baby. I looked longingly at these dolls but walked away with this dragon instead – just one of the sacrifices for a mother with two boys. I also picked up some beginner colorforms and a harmonica, which turned out to be the biggest hit with both boys. Think I’ll have to go back and buy another one, if only for a little germ containment.

Finally, one more quick stop at Powell’s for a couple of children’s books, and my day was complete in more ways than one. As Mary Poppins would say, it was “Practically perfect in every way.”

Ladies’ Night

There are many reasons why I love taking photographs, but at the top of the list must be the feeling I get when I look through the contents of my camera and am instantly transported back to the moment when the photos were taken. These photographs definitely live up to that promise. We sang, we rapped, we tried to hit the high notes and the low notes (often unsuccessfully). Most of all, we had a fun night thanks to great company and few inhibitions.

Just a few of my favorites from the evening – all taken using my much-neglected flash. I really need to pull that thing out of the bag more often.

First Up: the birthday girl.

Five Random Things Friday

It’s Friday, it’s sunny and I am looking forward to the weekend. This week has been busy with a mini birthday celebration for my little man, then a sick birthday boy. And of course there was work, lots and lots of work. I need a glass of wine and a little time in the sun – I just hope the Portland weather holds out for just a few more hours so I can enjoy it to its fullest.

To kick off the weekend I thought I’d share a few random things that I came across this week. They made me laugh, feel inspired and remember that there is a life out there waiting for me when I manage to peel my eyes away from my inbox. These things make me happy.

1. Bossypants. Loaned to me by a friend and I’m half way through. Tina Fey is the kind of person I would want in my circle of friends. If this excerpt doesn’t make you want to buy the book right now then I recommend borrowing it like I did. Either way, you need to read this book.

2. A door sign that makes me want to sing.

3. When my 5 year old likes getting his picture taken.


4. Creatively sharing your POV. Saw this guy on a Hawaiian cruise a few years ago but didn’t know who he was (true story). Turns out he’s quite famous and very funny and clever – and all in support of a cause that I stand behind.

5. This photograph of my three year old and taking photos from under big umbrellas while we walk in the rain (although that’s not an invitation for the rain to come back…)

Have a great weekend.

And He Doesn’t Look a Day Over Two…

My baby turns three years old today. It many ways I wonder how we got here so quickly. In many other ways I wonder how he can ONLY be three. It feels like we’ve had him forever – and sometimes he behaves well beyond his years (in good ways and in challenging ways).

At three Samuel is… funny, expressive, smart, pushy, obstinate and loving.

He likes… playing with his brother, annoying his brother, running (the kids runs everywhere), jumping, coloring, hugging and kissing (mostly just his family, thankfully – and we love it), saying “I love you”over and over again.

He is one very bright spark in our lives and I couldn’t imagine our family without him.

Happy birthday baby.

Twelve Years

Just over twelve years ago a man in America proposed to a (very) young woman in Australia and then moved to the other side of the world so the two of them could start a life together. The were married in a beautiful ceremony in the hills outside Melbourne and then went on to have a picture perfect marriage without conflict of any kind.

Ok, maybe that last part was a small exaggeration. The first year was rough and, to be honest, there were times when there was little more than a Visa restriction keeping them together. But they made it through that first year, bought an apartment, traveled the world (well, most of the United States), sold the apartment and began building a life for themselves in America complete with a house and two kids (and, soon, a much-anticipated deck).

The best part? After 12 years the story is not complete. In many ways it’s just begun.

Happy 12th anniversary to my wonderful husband and my best friend.

(Maybe next year you could buy me a scanner for an anniversary present so our wedding pictures don’t look like they’ve been gathering dust for, uh, 12 years).

A Touch of Spring

Back at work today after a fabulous long weekend that began with a birthday do-over and progressed to an anniversary dinner, a Spring Festival at Thomas’ school, a T-ball game and then a belated birthday dinner with the girls. And that was just Friday and Saturday.

Needless to say I have a TON of photos to go through and post but until then I will leave you with a touch of Spring in the form of my latest post for the I Heart Faces blog. This week’s challenge is “May Flowers”. I managed to take this photograph on Mothers day thanks to a patient family who agreed to a walk in the rain just so I could capture a few tulips while they are still blooming.

Back with more soon.