And He Doesn’t Look a Day Over Two…

My baby turns three years old today. It many ways I wonder how we got here so quickly. In many other ways I wonder how he can ONLY be three. It feels like we’ve had him forever – and sometimes he behaves well beyond his years (in good ways and in challenging ways).

At three Samuel is… funny, expressive, smart, pushy, obstinate and loving.

He likes… playing with his brother, annoying his brother, running (the kids runs everywhere), jumping, coloring, hugging and kissing (mostly just his family, thankfully – and we love it), saying “I love you”over and over again.

He is one very bright spark in our lives and I couldn’t imagine our family without him.

Happy birthday baby.

One comment

  1. What happened to your baby??? He looks so grown up in the second pic. Happy Birthday Samuel! Lots of ooo and xxx from all of us. Btw, did you get a new camera? I see that you’re shooting with a 5D 🙂

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