Five Random Things Friday

It’s Friday, it’s sunny and I am looking forward to the weekend. This week has been busy with a mini birthday celebration for my little man, then a sick birthday boy. And of course there was work, lots and lots of work. I need a glass of wine and a little time in the sun – I just hope the Portland weather holds out for just a few more hours so I can enjoy it to its fullest.

To kick off the weekend I thought I’d share a few random things that I came across this week. They made me laugh, feel inspired and remember that there is a life out there waiting for me when I manage to peel my eyes away from my inbox. These things make me happy.

1. Bossypants. Loaned to me by a friend and I’m half way through. Tina Fey is the kind of person I would want in my circle of friends. If this excerpt doesn’t make you want to buy the book right now then I recommend borrowing it like I did. Either way, you need to read this book.

2. A door sign that makes me want to sing.

3. When my 5 year old likes getting his picture taken.


4. Creatively sharing your POV. Saw this guy on a Hawaiian cruise a few years ago but didn’t know who he was (true story). Turns out he’s quite famous and very funny and clever – and all in support of a cause that I stand behind.

5. This photograph of my three year old and taking photos from under big umbrellas while we walk in the rain (although that’s not an invitation for the rain to come back…)

Have a great weekend.

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