Twelve Years

Just over twelve years ago a man in America proposed to a (very) young woman in Australia and then moved to the other side of the world so the two of them could start a life together. The were married in a beautiful ceremony in the hills outside Melbourne and then went on to have a picture perfect marriage without conflict of any kind.

Ok, maybe that last part was a small exaggeration. The first year was rough and, to be honest, there were times when there was little more than a Visa restriction keeping them together. But they made it through that first year, bought an apartment, traveled the world (well, most of the United States), sold the apartment and began building a life for themselves in America complete with a house and two kids (and, soon, a much-anticipated deck).

The best part? After 12 years the story is not complete. In many ways it’s just begun.

Happy 12th anniversary to my wonderful husband and my best friend.

(Maybe next year you could buy me a scanner for an anniversary present so our wedding pictures don’t look like they’ve been gathering dust for, uh, 12 years).


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