About 5 minutes

I estimate that I have approximately five minutes before Samuel wakes up from nap, so just going to share a few quick things that are in my plans for this long weekend.

Taking more photos of everday life. My camera has been taking a little break lately but I miss having those daily reminders of what we do every day – and the feel of the camera in my hand. I also need to take advantage of the fact that the rose garden near our house is only in full bloom for a few days.

Working on my patience with Thomas. He and I have been challenging each other the past couple of days and I think we need  a few non-stressful days to get back on track.

Getting this one healthy. He had a fever of 103.5 yesterday. Right now the round-the-clock doses of Tylenol and Motrin are helping but we’re keeping an eye on him. I called the nurse yesterday and she said it could last up to 5 days! He’s relatively happy when the drugs kick in which makes the whole thing bearable. It’s just hard to watch when the drugs start to wear off and he just lies there moaning. Poor baby.

Eating lots of ice cream. It’s going to be a warm weekend and if that gives me an excuse to partake in a little gelato, then so be it.

Oh, and sitting in my house on the evening of July 4th, listening to fireworks, hose at the ready and praying that my children will sleep through it. I know – what a party pooper. I can appreciate beautiful fireworks displays as much as the next person, but it’s the personal displays that worry me.

So instead of enjoying them in person, I’ll watch out the window and play a little game of “which is the firework and which is the gunshot?” (we live in a neighborhood where sometimes it’s a tough call).

Now that I’ve sufficiently freaked out my family back home, I’ll sign off. Happy 4th of July to my US neighbors and happy Saturday to my Aussie ones (I guess it’s still 4th of July though…)


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