Benema in the City

As soon as I knew Ben and Emma were coming to visit, I decided we would have one day where we would split up. The kids would be in daycare, which would leave Ben and Kei to play golf and me and Emma to have a girly day of pedicures, lunch and window shopping (and maybe a little real shopping).

Of course we got the pedicures.

And then I introduced Emma to the joy that is the Peete’s Dark Chocolate Mocha Freddo. Oh, Emma, I am so sorry that I teased you with the delicious chocolate goodness and then you had to say goodbye. (of course I’m sure you more than made up for it over the next FOUR weeks of your round the world vacation. Can you hear the sympathy?).

Next up was a little shopping where we checked out some funky t-shirts and I drooled over a lot of over-priced children’s clothing. If you saw what my children manage to do to their clothes on a daily basis, you’d understand why I didn’t invest in a $40 t-shirt.

I also drooled over these dresses that, I know deep down, I am just not funky enough to actually wear.

And finally a trip to the mall where we walked away disappointed that Macy’s clinique gift time was over, but then rejoiced when Nordstrom came through with the gift. It’s the small things in life.

Then I tried on a funky little top that was just way too cute on the hanger. Sadly though, when I went into the dressing room to try it on, it turned out to be a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit! Not sure why, but I could not stop laughing enough to even tell Emma about my wardrobe malfunction. Maybe it was the image of myself in the mirror trying to work out why I couldn’t get the leg hole over my head.

A good laugh at the end of a great day.

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