Only a month late

Yes, Samuel had his first birthday party a month ago. Yes, I have been slow uploading the photos. But I have this thing with continuity. I HAVE to post my photos in order. It’s a problem I am trying to overcome.

But the important thing is that we DID have a party. And even more importantly, PEOPLE CAME. And even more important than that – I managed to get Thomas to wear something other than sweatpants and a long sleeved t-shirt.

Oh, and despite the fact that I was hosting this party, I still managed to take a surprising amount of photos. I know, shocking!

We had bubbles

BIG bubbles

This is Samuel’s girlfriend. 🙂

Look at this sweet one. She’s a little too young right now but she’ll be kissing and punching Samuel in no time.

The best thing about American birthdays in May is that it is warm enough to have an outdoor event – and sometimes hot enough to play under the sprinkler.

And that is sometimes enough to bring out the child in anyone.

I would hire her as my nanny any day (or maybe just let her be an aunt to my children).

There were also a few adults in attendance, but they were mainly invited just to wrangle the children

Lucky for me, Samuel LOVES Emily. 🙂

The biggest part of these parties, though, is the shock I feel every time we get together and I see these children that were just babies yesterday and now suddenly seem so grown up.