Thomas’ very first visit to the dentist. Of course they laughed when I pulled out the big camera to memorialize the occasion, but isn’t your first dentist appointment something you want to remember? Many years down the track, Thomas will look back on these pictures and remember how your and innocent and cavity free he was. And, as someone begins drilling into one of his molars, he’ll be able to reflect on a time when the dentist was a fun, new experience full of free toothbrushes and star wars figurine bribes.

Yes – I bribed my son to go to the dentist.

It was the pleas of “I don’t want to go Mummy” that finally got me. That, and the fact that our dentist office is right beside Fred Myer. I think they planned it that way.

Actually, there really wasn’t much for me to worry about. We began with the hygenist introducing Thomas to all the cool tools (no drills!). The mirror was his favourite and he asked for it again and again. I’m sure he gets his vanity from his father.

The cool glasses were also a hit. I’m surprised he gave them back.

And there was not even one tiny complaint when some strange woman began shoving her fingers in his mouth. I always complain when that happens.

Final verdict – beautiful teeth. Straight, healthy and clean. He gets THAT from his mother.

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