Benema Part 1

My brother (Ben) and his fiancee (Emma) were here for a short visit. I’ll call them Benema whenever it’s more convenient and, well, because it’s funny. It was the first time either of had been to the US, and over six months since we visited them in Australia, so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Of course I knew Thomas would “catch up” quickly – especially because I had prior knowledge of the little gift that was coming his way all the way from Australia.

Nothing like a Fireman Sam costume to make sure your Nephew remembers you well after you’re gone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Thomas so excited.

The rest of the first day of their visit was spent bonding. It didn’t take long. Apparently Benema are very likeable.

Oh, and we drank a little bit of alcohol. It continued through the five days that they were here and this is the last time I will mention it…Let’s just say that someone drove by in a van to collect the bottles for recycling. A van.

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