5 Senses…uhhh…Wednesday

This post is inspired by fellow Portland blogger Abby Try Again. I have been reading more and more local blogs lately – particularly photography blogs. I just love seeing other photographer views of the city I live in and Abby’s photos are just so soft and beautiful. They’re not perfect and I think that’s what I love most about them. I can totally appreciate another photographer who embraces the blur and makes it part of her unique style.

Today I am stealing Abby’s blog topic and posting my own version of Five Senses Friday… but on Wednesday night.

Sight: Giant bubbles as Samuel’s birthday party.

Sound: The many noises of a nature hike – birds chirping, wind rustling in the trees…

…all drowned out by the sound of about 20 toddlers looking for scavenger hunt items.

Taste: Cherries. A food which, for most of my life, was associated with Christmas (love Australia’s summer holidays), but is now associated with the enormous relief in May that winter may well be over for another year.

Smell: Some beautiful peonies which provided decoration for a girl’s picnic in the park.

Touch: bare feet and thongs (or flip flops of you prefer) – made possible thanks to a fabulous pedicure.

This was fun! Leave me a comment if you post your own list of five senses.

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