The Fire Engine Experience – April 11th 2009

The Portland Fire Department operates an historical firehouse for safety education. It’s a mini museum with fire fighter uniforms, hats and old equipment on display. Of course, given Thomas’ current obsession with all things Firefighter, we had to take him to experience the real thing. I tried to take him past the fire station near our house but shyness overtook him and he wouldn’t go near the fire engines in case we got into trouble.

The great thing about this fire house is that we could get up close and personal.

The highlight was the real fire engine experience where you get to ride in a fire engine complete with sound effects, video and the real shakes and shudders of a true engine. Very exciting!

Of course there was one little fear to overcome, but I finally managed to coax Thomas into sliding down the pole.

Samuel’s favourite part? Being thrown in the air by Daddy on the way back to the car.

Never get’s old.

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