Wonderful Wednesdays – April 8th 2009

A few random photos from a Wednesday with my boys. For the past three and a half years (since Thomas was born) I have worked four 10 hour days. That one day off a week was for spending time with my babies – playing at home, going to the zoo or the park or even just doing the grocery shopping together.

I have really enjoyed my Wednesdays but sadly they are coming to an end. It’s just become too difficult to work the long days and look after my boys on a Wednesday that was becoming less and less of a day off, and more about checking email every hour or so just to keep things moving at work.

So in June I will be reverting to a regular 5 day schedule. The upside is that I will be home in time to eat dinner and give my children a bath without having to squeeze everything into a 30 minute window.

Here are just a few photos of a regular, hanging out at home, taking a walk to Starbucks, Wednesday.

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