Davis Family Session

I was so thrilled with my first family photo session that I relished the opportunity to do it again. Of course I was nervous. What if the first time was a fluke? What if I lucked out with an extremely photogenic family? What if I really can’t success without that fabulous green chair?

Yes, I was nervous and conditions were less than ideal (Hail (yes, hail) and a toddler who ran out of patience), but I realized that what I love about taking photos is the ability to capture the moment – not the perfect smily photo, but images that reflect real life.

I am just so happy with the moments I managed to capture for this family – complete with the surly 3 year old.

This is quite possibly my favourite…

And this one is a close second. One of those moments where I walked outside, turned around, and there was the photo. I was being pounded by hail, but it was definitely worth it.

And then the hail stopped just long enough for me to catch a photo of little Iver sitting up for the very first time. I hope they always remember that moment when they look at the photo.

I did manage to get a couple of smiles.

And of course at this time of the year you have to make the most of the cherry blossoms.

Thank you Davis family for letting me capture these moments and for giving me the opportunity to photograph some adorable baby blue eyes.

One comment

  1. oh my, I remember my very first family session I did for a fellow photographer friend of mine. I was SO nervous! BUt they turned out just fine, and so did yours. You captured perfect imperfections.

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