New Beginnings

Today is the beginning of a new journey. After eleven years working for the same company, I am heading out to embark on a new adventure. And, while I didn’t exactly choose the timing of this change, it feels like the right time.

The hardest part is saying goodbye to my co-workers and friends, some of whom have been with me from my first day, shared in the joy of pregnancy and new motherhood (twice), been with me through hard times and stressful times and provided me with the beginning of a life in what was a brand new city where I knew no one except my husband. But, as they say, Portland is the world’s biggest small town and our paths are guaranteed to cross again.

So now the search begins for a new adventure. I’m looking for something challenging, creatively rewarding and fun – something that will nurture my passions and make my heart soar. And you know what? I have a feeling it’s out there waiting for me.

On a related note, I now have more time for family, lifestyle and event photography in the Portland area. If you’re interested, please contact me for rates and availability.


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