Now With Bigger Photos

A change of season brings a change to the blog. I’ve been longing to post bigger photos on here for a long time so, on a whim, I decided to update the blog template. No more header image, just a clean and simple design that will show my photos the way I want them to be seen (ok, I also want them to be displayed in a gallery somewhere one day but I’m taking baby steps).

I also plan to update the about me and contact pages but they require me to spend a little time finding the right words. Writing doesn’t come easy to me and writing about myself... well, let’s just say it could take a while.

Oh, and I also need to update my portfolio.

I’d better start a list…

In the meantime, I’ll procrastinate by posting a couple of new photos. I took these at Powells last week, otherwise known in our family as the best place to waste a few hours in Portland.

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