Sunshine, Singalongs and Fog

This past weekend was beautiful in so many ways.

  • The sun came out and made us feel like we’d skipped forward a couple of months and moved straight into Summer.
  • I enjoyed a couple of hours with the girls, singing along with Pink Martini and Storm Large in Downtown Portland. It was a little like one big Karaoke party (for the record, Storm Large would be a fun addition to any Karaoke night)
  • We had a low key Easter morning with a small egg hunt in the house and some banana/Easter Egg Chocolate pancakes for breakfast (Kei is a bit of a pancake savant).
  • We managed to get a LOT of work done in the yard, including the veggie garden (yay!).

The only down side to all of this outdoor activity was the inevitable side effect of spring allergies. Kei looked at me last night and told me I looked all puffy. Nice.

So, while I would love to sit here and write a beautiful long essay about the weekend and all the fun we had, I’m afraid I am finding it difficult to pull my head out of this fog long enough to string more than a couple of sentences together.

Oh, and I took about 3 photos over the entire weekend. I was too busy up to my elbows in fertilizer to risk pulling out the camera. So, instead, I’ll share a couple more photos from my downtown adventure with the boys last week.

Photographs taken in the Pearl Room at Powell’s City of Books.

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