Todays Photos of Lego Mania

On Saturday afternoon, while Kei played a leisurely game of golf in some gorgeous sunshine, the boys and I headed to the oregon convention center. While I was disappointed that we weren’t out enjoying the sun, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out some amazing lego creations at Bricks Cascade.

The boys (and Thomas’ friend from school) loved it all but by far the biggest highlight was a super-sized Hogwarts Castle. Kei finished reading the second book to them on Friday night so we coincidentally enjoyed a post-lego convention viewing of the The Chamber of Secrets. More (better) photos of the Hogwarts Castle can be seen here if you’re interested. Apparently it’s quite famous.

But Hogwarts was only the tip of the iceberg…

Name that movie.

I kind of want to build this one.

The boys in front of Portland’s “Union Station”. Some were more excited than others.

Lady Gaga in concert.

A cute little camp ground… with a freight train running by (relaxing).

And, possibly my favorite (apart from Hogwarts), an ode to The Wizard of Oz. This is Emerald city, of course.

And Munchkin Land..

This one’s for the Geeks (including my husband)

And I’m only posting this one because my kids get so much glee out of the fact that their Mother is deathly afraid of spiders. I fought my fear and stood within just a few feet of this giant (lego) creature.

And, finally, a little flashback to legos from my childhood. My kids still play with this set when we visit my parents in Australia. I just love that toys from my childhood are now considered “classic”.

The best part about the day is that Thomas and Samuel immediately went home and started building things without using the instructions. The first thing they built? A home for their new Dobby minifigure…of course.

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