Todays Photos of Seattle

Not much time to write today, just a few minutes to look back at some photos from my trip to Seattle last week. I found an hour to take a quick photo walk through the city and, although I wish I’d had more time, it was a nice inspirational boost. There’s nothing quite like a new location to make me excited about taking photos again. A little sunshine also helps (that was a special message for the Portland Weather Gods).

A quick walk along the waterfront confirmed that Seattle has the biggest seagulls in the world (in my very unscientific estimation).

Although I’ve been to Seattle many times before, this was the first time I’ve managed to stumble across the gum wall. In a word… ewwwww. As one colleague pointed out, I was lucky that I didn’t have my kids with me. Apparently they can’t help but touch something that looks so …ummm…. delicious.

Nothing says “If you trespass, you might die” quite like some very, very pointy artwork.

Thanks, Seattle. It was good seeing you again, even for a brief moment.