By Popular Demand: A Little Product Placement

(Warning: this post is a little out there. Blame it on the holiday spirit.)

Most of the planet knows that Starbucks recently had a buy one, get one free promotion on their holiday drinks. Never ones to miss a freeload opportunity, my team at work took a rare few moments to walk down the street and make the most of said promotion (only an even number of people allowed).

I don’t quite know how this next series of photos happened. One moment I was taking random photos in the terrible Starbucks store lighting, and the next moment Lisa turned into a product model. I think she has a future on the home shopping network – and I hear they have way better lighting.

Madeline made a guest appearance…

…but Lisa was REALLY into it.

And then I took a picture of her with an autumn leaf that was twice the size of her head.

The end.

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