The First Annual Ishida Halloween Awards

Halloween is over for another year and there is now a big bowl of candy mocking me from the corner of the kitchen. While I do my best to resist the sugar rush, I’ll present you with a few highlights from last night courtesy of the First Annual Ishida Halloween Awards. There are no prizes, only special recognition… Oh, and the awards are limited to the things I was able to capture on camera. Sadly the low light and my very high heels prevented me from capturing everything… Now – on to the esteemed winners!

Most popular costume
Batman, for sure. Followed by Superman, Ironman and basically any other superhero you can imagine. I like that Thomas distinguished himself as the 60s TV show batman rather than the popular “Dark Knight”.

Cutest Superfriends

Best Halloween Investment (Ever!)
After three years the striped tights are still going strong – although the witch’s skirt is getting a little tight. Next year I’ll either have to lose weight or prepare a new costume. How’s that for some motivation to get fit?

Most Creative Pre-Trick or Treat Potluck Dish
Kei’s idea, my implementation. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Best neighborhood Halloween decorations.

Also impressive after the sun went down.

Most Difficult Photograph of the Evening
But with the most adorable photo subjects.

Best Costume
A homemade Angry Bird – no contest. Also takes the prize for least convenient and most treacherous, but definitely worth it.

Most Creative Porch Pumpkins

Our potluck hosts also put in a great effort.

Happiest Sugar-Filled Superheroes, Princesses, Turtles and Dolphins.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween. Now, I must go and take care of some candy. I’ll let you determine exactly what that means. đŸ™‚