Five Things Friday: Being

1. Watching…
Grimm – my new favorite show. It’s like it was created just for me – a little bit of crime, a little bit if mystery and a whole lot of weird. It’s also set AND FILMED right here in Portland so it’s fun to try and identify parts of the city as I watch. I might even venture so far as to say it’s my new X Files. I know – HUGE.

2. Reading…
IQ84 by Haruki Murakami. Loving it so far, although I’m only three chapters in. It’s a huge book so it should keep me going through Christmas and likely for much longer after that at the rate I am able to read books these days.

3. Listening…
To Christmas Music. I know, I know, it’s early, but I am on a mission to put together a fun mix for our trip to the Polar Express late next week. This song will definitely make its way onto the playlist.

4. Anticipating…

A bunch of new movies that will be released over the next few weeks. Thinking I might have trouble dragging Kei along to Breaking Dawn Pt1 or The Hunger Games but he might be interested in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. We’ve seen the Swedish version and I want to see how the American version compares.

Although if he sees this trailer, he might just change his mind about The Hunger Games. It looks amazing!

5. Browsing
75 years of Life Magazine covers.  A wonderful history and photography lesson with inspiring images dating back to 1936. If you don’t have time to browse the full 75 years then I highly recommend the 75 Best Life Covers of all time and, for a reminder that perfection is elusive, Life’s 20 Worst Covers.

This weekend looks like rain, rain and more rain. In other words, the perfect weekend to run errands like grocery shopping and piles of laundry, and get ready for the holiday week. Thankfully, our take-out turkey dinner will be cooked by someone else, so all I have to do is make one more side dish and buy some wine for mulling.

I fought this time of year for a long time, but I am slowly learning to love the falling leaves, cozy nights in and the way American’s add “spice” to everything. Looking forward to a great weekend and a short work week.