Crazy Busy

I’m coming off an insanely busy weekend. Here’s my recap in 200 words or less:

Saturday (all day)Portland Creative Conference. Inspiring, fun, informative, amazing drummers.

Saturday night – Parent’s night out. Dinner at Simpatica with my husband. AMAZING food and great conversation without interruption. Kids in bed at about 11:30pm.

Sunday morning – Small bowling birthday party for Thomas. Sensory overload. Lots of sugar. Great fun for all.

Sunday afternoon/evening – Catch up. Prepped food for the week. Laundry (even did one load twice – you don’t want to know why). Did NOT go to yoga (wah wah!). Bed too late.

And so here we are on Monday morning with the promise of another busy week. I have a short work trip tomorrow (just for the day) and then the premier of Glee! tomorrow night (champagne purchased).

Best get moving.

Before I go, though, I do need to wish my Mother a very HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY. She celebrated it somewhere in the UK on Saturday so I don’t feel too bad about not posting this on her actual birthday since I’m sure she’s having a wonderful time.

If you’re keeping count, that’s three family birthdays in the last 2 weeks. We celebrated them all with a joint candle-blowing moment while my parents were here a few weeks ago.

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