Five Things Friday: Inspiration from my Pinterest Boards

Five Things Friday is a regular blog post where I share a collection of things that inspire me each week. Some weeks are focused on a particular theme, while others are a hodge podge of random stuff from around the web.

Sharing a few fabulous finds that are currently pinned to my Pinterest boards. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

1. Photo Inspiration

Photographer: Fan Ho



Color Wheel Umbrella from the MOMA Store.

3. Creative Inspiration

Dandelions by Jo Clark

4. Word Inspiration

Give your dreams their flight by Kal Barteski


5. I Love This

PHOTO: Robert Trachtenberg for New York Magazine TV issue May 2011

Plans for the weekend include attendance at the Portland Creative Conference (so excited!), date night with my husband (can’t wait!) and a even a little 10 pin bowling. But first, the cleaners are coming to make my house sparkle. Looks like the promise of a perfect weekend to me, even though it might be time to say goodbye to the sun(flowers) in Portland.

Happy Friday!






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