Newport, Oregon: Day Two: The Aquarium

I had one specific outing request during our vacation to Newport, and that was to visit the Aquarium. I have lived in Portland for about 8 years now and, almost everyday, have been forced to look at billboards advertising the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It took eight years, but the advertising bombardment finally won me over and I can now happily say “been there, done that.”

Really though, it was a fun day. While this Aquarium was not the most spectacular one I’ve visited, (so far, the Melbourne Aquarium wins that prize, even if their website is a visual assault) our big group of 5 adults and three kids were completely satisfied with the variety of sea life that we were able to see and, in some cases, even touch. Of course I took enough pictures to make a book…

These two were too cute. My mum bought that backpack over for Karin and it barely left her back the entire time.

I’m not going to tell you how long I waited to get the following picture. Not sure if it was worth it…

This where we were able to touch the animals. Of course my children were a little hesitant while Karin almost jumped right in.

A favourite.

And, of course, despite the many amazing things that we were surrounded by, it was the playhouse by the bathrooms that they were most excited about.

The first time I’ve ever seen a puffin in real life and this one came within inches as it crossed from one pool to another. Incredibly cute.

I won’t mention how long I waited to take this one either. Let me just say that uncooperative sting rays and glass glare make for a difficult photo subject.

For some reason this next one cracks me up. I think it might be Thomas’ rock and roll pose. (Note: by some miracle, we managed to leave the two stuffed sharks in the store and escape with just a souvenir penny for each child).

Had just enough time for a quick ride on a porpoise before we came dangerously close to a full overtired meltdown – both kids and parents.