Newport, Oregon: Day Two: The Aquarium

I had one specific outing request during our vacation to Newport, and that was to visit the Aquarium. I have lived in Portland for about 8 years now and, almost everyday, have been forced to look at billboards advertising the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It took eight years, but the advertising bombardment finally won me over and I can now happily say “been there, done that.”

Really though, it was a fun day. While this Aquarium was not the most spectacular one I’ve visited, (so far, the Melbourne Aquarium wins that prize, even if their website is a visual assault) our big group of 5 adults and three kids were completely satisfied with the variety of sea life that we were able to see and, in some cases, even touch. Of course I took enough pictures to make a book…

These two were too cute. My mum bought that backpack over for Karin and it barely left her back the entire time.

I’m not going to tell you how long I waited to get the following picture. Not sure if it was worth it…

This where we were able to touch the animals. Of course my children were a little hesitant while Karin almost jumped right in.

A favourite.

And, of course, despite the many amazing things that we were surrounded by, it was the playhouse by the bathrooms that they were most excited about.

The first time I’ve ever seen a puffin in real life and this one came within inches as it crossed from one pool to another. Incredibly cute.

I won’t mention how long I waited to take this one either. Let me just say that uncooperative sting rays and glass glare make for a difficult photo subject.

For some reason this next one cracks me up. I think it might be Thomas’ rock and roll pose. (Note: by some miracle, we managed to leave the two stuffed sharks in the store and escape with just a souvenir penny for each child).

Had just enough time for a quick ride on a porpoise before we came dangerously close to a full overtired meltdown – both kids and parents.


  1. The picture of the jelly fish by itself is gorgeous. I really like going to the aquariums, the fish are like art. They come in different sizes and color variations. Also, who doesn’t like sting rays? I love to pet them!(:

  2. So fun, we just stopped there on our honeymoon last week, and saw similar poses from the sea lions and jellyfish! Thanks for reminding me of our recent adventure there, and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  3. Aside from promenading, this is a good place where we can unwind ourselves; it is also educational to everybody how sea creatures and man behave when they face each other although a wall of glass separates them.

  4. I do love the Oregon Coast Aquarium, but the cost of entrance is horrendous. My wife and I were going to visit while on vacation, but the steep admission proved an excellent deterrent. Luckily we were just in time for the octopus feeding down the road at the Hatfield Marine Center. If you haven’t been, it’s worth visiting.

  5. I love aquariums! These photos are great–I love the one of the seahorse, the stingray, and the puffin. But the ones of the kids having fun with the wall is just precious, and the one of them posing in front of the shark jaw is epic. Congrats on being Pressed!

  6. I enjoyed the pictures. Having never been west of Salt Lake, except China, it’s always interesting to see the other 1/2 of the country, especially the Pacific Northwest. Thanks again.

  7. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! The seal is so cute! I was actually at an Aquarium myself the other day! -the Two Oceans Aquarium here in Cape Town, South Africa! Always makes for beautiful photos~xx

  8. This place is pretty special place for me..unforgettable nostalgia and sweet memories..such place I’d bring my own children (if i were married) to or my lovely nephews who now live in Irvine,CA..
    Besides from visiting that charm &fancy aquarium located under Yaquina Bridge and along the boardwalk, it’s worth to patron few excellent cusinary places there..with better than yummy clam chowders and fresh cooked dungeness crabs and salmons caught just right off the dock..or deck i’m sorry … always to make sure to carry a pair of warm clothes or jacket since the weather condition might change to unbearable instantaneously.. Rain or shine, the place never fails to endow some characteristics to enjoy to unanticipated visitors, and will always be so..

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