Confessions of a Three Year Old Superhero

Being a Superhero is 80% attitude.

There’s a lot of climbing involved.

Play equipment provides good leverage for takeoff.

You’re nothing without a sidekick.

Wait for the slow guy – it’s not his fault he’s a mere mortal. Besides, he may even be the originator of your super cape (we Superheroes believe in reusing and recycling, you know. Either that or our mums are too cheap to buy us a cape with our own super letter).

Superheroes must maintain good hydration (even if it means asking for a boost at the water fountain).

T-shirts? Not necessary. It just enhances the pecs.

The occasional smile does not undermine your power – in fact it could go a long way to winning over the ladies.

The front door could be your Kryptonite.

Don’t be afraid to hum your theme song wherever you go (it’s not at all annoying for others and adds much-needed drama) and always live to play fight another day.

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