In Case You Missed It

We returned home from our short beach vacation today and I am back at the computer – which means no more attempts to post on the blog from my iPhone. Despite my super-human vision (last optometrist exam said I am now 20/15 – bless you Laser Surgery), I find the iPhone painful when trying to type more than one sentence.

So, while I sift through the hundreds of photos I took over the past week, I’ll work on re-posting the article I linked to a couple of days ago that shares a little background about how Mayumi and Karin came to stay with us. I want to make sure it’s saved here as well as on my company blog.

If you happened to have read it the other day, please accept my gratitude in the form of this pretty picture of Nye beach, just after the sun went down.

Back with the re-posted article and more about our beach adventure soon.

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