Five Sesame Street Moments Worth Watching – Even (or Especially) if You Don’t Have Kids

Five Things Friday is a regular blog post where I share a collection of things that inspire me each week. Some weeks are focused on a particular theme, while others are a hodge podge of random stuff from around the web.

I remember watching Sesame Street as a child. It was the same American version of Sesame Street that exists today – there was no special Aussie version. Of course I watched it before Elmo and Abby and the animated version of Bert and Ernie (and WAY before people lobbied for their marriage).

My kids have only recently shown interest in Sesame Street and I am thrilled. The one thing I’ve realized over the years is that Sesame Street is not just for the children. Sure, there’s a lesson or two in there, but the real genius behind Sesame Street is that they know how to appeal to the parents.

So I’ve gathered my five favorite (mostly recent) Sesame Street moments that appeal to three-year-olds and thirty-year-olds alike.

1. A Celebrity Lullaby
Ricky Gervais sings a lullaby to Elmo and my five-year-old rolls on the floor in laughter.

2. What I Am by
Just try not to have this song running through your head again and again (and I mean that in a good way)

3. True Mud
Blame this one on my recent discovery of HBO’s True Blood. It’s almost the same  as the show, but with more rhyming and without the sex. The vampire speed entrance is genius.

4. Cereal Girl
A parody of Material Girl by Madonna.

5. Law and Order Special Letters Unit
I am just amazed at how muppets are so closely able to resemble their human counterparts. I guess you know you’ve really made it when they make a muppet in your likeness.

Bonus: Smell Like a Monster
How do you tease a new season of Sesame Street? Only by copying one of the most successful advertising campaigns in recent memory. The kids won’t understand it of course, but I doubt they made this one for the kids.

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