For Grandpa

My Dad left a comment on the last post with a couple of questions/requests and, being the dutiful daughter that I am, I will respond immediately.

First, that chalk drawing by Kei was of the Millennium Falcon, otherwise known as Han Solo’s ship. Grandpa, I suggest you begin brushing up on your Star Wars trivia because you WILL be tested by a four year in a couple of weeks. I would begin with a viewing of all three original movies because, although your grandson has never actually seen them, he is somehow in the know about every plot point and can name characters that I had never heard of.

Once you have made it through the first three films, then move onto the prequels. Oh, and don’t be alarmed if you find yourself in a conversation about the medical and technological wonders of reattaching an arm after your evil Dark Lord father manages to chop it off during a father/son light sabre battle.

Second – here is the mini van, although I am yet to get a full body shot. It’s a lot bigger than our little Mazda and I am still learning to parallel park, but other than that Thomas and I have enjoying driving it to school each day. The only problem is that the size of the vehicle has caused Thomas to suggest we have three more babies to fill out the back seat. I told him those seats were reserved for his friends… or his grandparents when they next come to visit.

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