Monday Mosaic: A Splash of Colour

For the past few days I have been contributing my own splash of colour to a Flickr pool started by Maine Momma. If you haven’t checked out her blog then you should definitely do yourself a favour and take a look. Her photographs are simply stunning and a great source of inspiration.

The Flickr pool is highlighting a different colour each day and today’s mosaic shares someĀ of the photos that I have contributed to the pool. Go here to see some more dazzling colour – and great photography.


The new challenge for I Heart Faces is jump for joy. I will probably be disqualified because this is technically more than one image, but I just couldn’t resist. This was the first image that immediately came to mind and she is clearly jumping for joy in that puddle.

Note: adorable child on loan from a neighbor. There is no way you would see that much pink on one of my boys.