Charity, Moose Heads and Homemade Pizza – P365

I had a working date with the girls on Monday night. A group of my very talented women friends are organizing the 2010 Iron Bartender benefit to support a local charitable organization called the Children’s Relief Nursery. We’re all mothers, so the organization’s mission to prevent abuse and neglect for at risk children is something we all support wholeheartedly.

We’re also a group of working mothers so we enjoy the monthly opportunity to get together and talk and… ok… have a drink or two. But I promise – we are extremely efficient. We have to be. The event is in about three weeks. Eeeck!

If you’re in the Portland area then I encourage you to buy a ticket. Besides feeling good about the support you are giving to this wonderful organization, you will also have the opportunity to eat great food, sample a few cocktails and have a lot of fun in the process. We’ll also be crowning the 2010 Iron Bartender from a group of Portland’s most talented drink mixers.

So what does this have to do with Moose Heads? I saw this hanging on the wall in the bar where we had the meeting last night. Isn’t he beautiful? The perfect subject for day number 4 of my P365 project.

Day number 5 has nothing to do with moose heads or charity.

Kei and I are on a quest to live a little healthier and try to save money. Enter the homemade pizza. Thomas and I made it together tonight – his side without vegetables of course. Disclaimer: I didn’t make the dough myself. I’m far too lazy for that.

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