A Surprise Snowy Day in Portland

Just before the end of the year, Portland decided to surprise us with a 24 hour snowstorm. Thankfully I was working from home and didn’t have to suffer through the horrible traffic that resulted – some people were on the road for hours.

Instead we were able to enjoy the short burst of frigid cold. Well, for a few minutes anyway. Friends stopped by and we had plans to walk to the park but the snow storm picked up quickly and we made it two blocks before we decided that it would be a terrible idea. I was able to see Samuel enjoy his first real snowfall and have fun for a few hours with the kids. The snow had all melted within a couple of days and that’s just fine with me.

Here are a few images I captured. You can see the early ones where it looked like a few snowflakes would be a novelty. By the time the snow stopped at around 7pm and I stepped outside to grab some photos in the moonlight, we had been blessed with about 4 inches of the white stuff.


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