Back To Nature – Portland, OR, Family Photographer

I feel like this photoshoot was a lifetime ago, when it was really only last month. The Christmas and New Year holidays seemed to have put me in some sort of time vortex where a week feels like a year.

Way back in December, I ventured out on one very cold, but very sunny, Portland day to meet up with a wonderful family to take some photos in one of their favourite places. One of the best things about the city I live in is the number of wonderful parks right in the middle of the city and inner suburbs. The park we visited for this shoot was new to me and I will definitely be going back for a visit with my family – although I may wait until the weather is a little warmer.

Another first for me was the opportunity to photograph a family with older children. It was challenging in the beginning, but once we all warmed up they had a great time running through the forest and having leaf races in the creek.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

I guess we know who won the leaf race.