Scenes from Christmas

OK – we’re coming up on a week after Christmas and I think there’s something illegal about Christmas posts after January 1st, so I am going to post a few photographic highlights to officially bring an end to the season.

Decorating the tree.

And the house.

Relaxing on a sunny (but cold) Christmas eve.

Leaving cookies out for Santa – with a little message.

And of course the fun of opening the goodies and playing with some new toys on Christmas day. Our house is now overrun by dinosaurs.

Other highlights not captured in photographs:

  • Packages from Japan, Australia and Ohio that arrived just in time to much excitement. Great mail day.
  • Catching up with the cousins in Ohio via webcam
  • Taking some time to say hi to the Grandparents in Australia on their boxing day.
  • Sunshine streaming in through the windows to naturally light the tree ornaments.
  • A yummy dinner of prime rib with green beans, mashed potato and carrots – even Thomas and Samuel ate their veggies, although Kei was not feeling well so it ended up being dinner for three. (Kei enjoyed it later).

All in all a wonderfully relaxing family Christmas day. Now, excuse me while I search for some dinosaur storage solutions.

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