Letting it go…almost

Christmas is over for another year, but I am so far behind in posting photos that the christmas-themed posts will likely continue this week. I will try and post one per day so I can begin the new year refreshed and free of twinkly lights and creepy little elves that watch your every move.

One of my goals for this year to was to do at least one family thing each week that would help get us into the Christmas spirit. These ranged from simple things like watching a holiday movie (can’t wait until Thomas is old enough to appreciate Elf) and decorating the tree to larger family outings like our ride on The Polar Express and, in this instance, a visit to The Grotto for the annual Christmas Festival of Lights.

Thankfully the Portland winter has been kind to us so far this year and we were able to browse the grounds in relative comfort… well except for the crowds of people who shared the experience with us.

Nevertheless it was a fun family Christmas outing and I got my fill of pretty lights for the year – and, of course, many photos of the pretty lights.

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