What a Glorious Feeling…

One of the best things about our new schedule is the extra time I get to travel in the car with him each day. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not always fun and games. “Are we nearly home” chanted over and over again does get tiring on a 30 minute drive, but every now and then I hear a comment or two from the back seat that provides me with some insight into a four-year old brain. A few examples:

“Mummy, I really want an invisible friend. I will name him George Harrison.”

After a period of listening to the radio and driving without talking: “Mummy, we have a long way to drive. We really should talk. Let’s talk about Star Wars.”

“About Vietnam. They have animals”

And one of my favourites so far on the first rainy day of autumn. “Mummy, it’s raining. When I get home I must get my hat and umbrella and do some singing in the rain.”

He certainly followed through.

Then daddy was asked to join in.

While Samuel watched from the audience.

Take a bow.

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