Sweet Vivienne

Last week I had the wonderful privilege of photographing an adorable little 3 month old. When I was first contacted by her mother, my initial thought was one of excitement about having the opportunity to photograph a little girl.  But I was treated to so much more…

Porcelain skin and beautiful blue eyes.

A little bit of chatter and even a complete roll over (one of her first).

And then there were the rolls. How I adore baby rolls.

It wasn’t all sunshine.

But the clouds soon passed and I managed to capture some sweet family moments.

I love how this one looks like Mommy is whispering in her ear – and she is  trying not to hear. A sign of years to come perhaps? 🙂

Look carefully – a touch of pink .

Thank  you for being such a patient little model miss Vivienne and indulging my need for a little girliness in my life.

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