Fireworks in the Backyard, Portland Style

The concept of lighting your own fireworks is something I have had to get used to over the past few years. Before that, my experience of firework was massive displays in crowded public locations. Personal fireworks were…well…sparklers.

But not in the U.S of A.

Here you can buy fireworks, which scares me a little. Sure, in Portland they have some limitations, like you can’t set of fireworks that shoot more than 6 feet..or something. I think it’s supposed to limit the damage. Of course we live about 10 miles from the Washington State border. Vancouver, WA sells a LOT of fireworks around July 4th.

I wonder if Oregonians are exempt from sales tax for partially illegal purchases…

Our fireworks were from Fred Meyer which means they were smaller than the light displays we had been seeing over the neighborhood in the week leading up to the holiday. Still, they were big enough to impress a four year old (and admittedly his mother).

Kei took some video on real film for his latest class. Apparently was able to get some cool footage until the film ran out.

Thomas was instructed to stand next to the fence and NOT MOVE an inch while the fireworks were lit.

Good Boy.

He may not look like it, but he was one happy, fireworks-loving boy.

(Samuel was in bed asleep…in case you were wondering).

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