Farewell Benema

Well they left a while ago, but I am so far behind in my posts that I feel like I have say goodbye to them all over again.

Our final day with Benema was spent looking around Portland. It seems the only time we actually see our city is when people come to visit.

First stop – The Portland Saturday market (on Sunday).

Where Ben tried on hats.

Then, after a Dim Sum lunch in Chinatown (no photos of that – too difficult while trying to feed too boys), we walked back to the waterfront, waving to Firetrucks along the way.

We visited the Japanese Memorial. (Note to self: MUST take the kids there for cherry blossom photos next year).

Thomas chose to climb on the memorial (but I think that’s the point).

And Samuel was happy just riding along in the backpack.

Then we headed up to Council Crest which has one of the best views in Portland. This is Mt. Hood.

Mt St. Helens behind us.

I even made it into a picture with a little remote control magic. Pity Samuel was cut in half and the lighting was so spotty.

The rest of our time at Counsel Crest was spent enjoying the water fountains. It really doesn’t take much to keep this group entertained.

And then we headed home to hang out for the last few hours.

I delivered Benema to the train station the next morning. Some guests out-stay their welcome and have you waiting for them to leave. I could have had Ben and Emma stay longer – much longer. We miss you Benema.

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